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Sell More Art with High-Quality Images

Are you having a hard time landing sales from your website? In this article discover how to sell more art with high-quality images.

Sell More Art with High-Quality Images

The internet has made it easy for artists to set up an online art gallery to showcase their work to the world. With every positive there is a negative.

Art is purchased because someone became connected with a piece of art. It could be the colors, the art style, the subject, the buyer has a connection with the artist, or it tells a story that the buyer can relate to.

High-Quality Images

There is a big difference seeing art in person and seeing art online.

When you see art in person, you can see the true colors and texture of the piece. You can see how the artwork reacts to the light. The art is probably displayed on a wall already framed.

If you see art online, you will not be able to visualize the size of the art. The colors might be different depending on the monitor. Some of the texture will be lost. You will not be able to see the art up close and farther away.

So how can you give the viewer a true feel for your artwork without them being able to hold it in their hands?


Image Editing Software

You will want to edit, crop and resize your images before you upload them to your artist website and blog.

Adobe Photoshop Elements (affiliate link) is a very powerful image editing software that will allow you to make your images look perfect for your online gallery.

Many professional photographers use Adobe Photoshop for image editing. The images that you showcase on your site will look professional and provide a positive experience for your buyers. Your images will represent your artwork accurately.

You will need to take some time learning how to use this software.

Photoshop: Absolute Beginners Guide: 7 Ways to Use Adobe Photoshop Like a Pro in Under 10 Hours (affiliate link)


Online Image Editing Sites

There are online image editing sites that you can use to edit your images. They will allow you to resize your images with little effort. You will not have all of the tools that Adobe Photoshop offers, but do work well for resizing images for social media sites and your blog.


Here are a few online editing sites that you might want to take a look at.



Sell More Art with High-Quality Images! Provide accurate, clear images on your online gallery. Take pride in your work. Take the time necessary to edit your art so your audience can feel confident purchasing off of your site.

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