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Starting an online business is the biggest challenge for many artists. The process can be easy and rewarding if you approach it the correct way. There is no better time than now to start making your online presence.

Make your Online Presence

There are many options available for you to start showcasing your artwork online.  The challenge is to decide what path you will want to take. One path will not generate sales quicker than the other. Your primary objective, in the beginning, is to have a place where people can see and purchase your artwork. Your second priority is to direct them there.

You might want to consider starting off with a platform like Etsy or FASO. Both of these sites are relatively easy to start and maintain, which will allow you more time to focus on what matters, marketing, and growing a following.

While you are making a presence with Etsy or FASO and learning about marketing to the online world, you might want to consider starting a WordPress site. Starting a WorPress site at this point might feel intimidating, but once you learn the basics, you will be surprised how easy it is. If you are in this for the long haul, I recommend owning your site.

The concept of running a successful online art business is straightforward. You have a place where you can build a following, people can purchase your work online, and lower your costs to increase your profit margin. It sounds simple, and it is if you stay focused on what matters.

Building a business from ground zero takes a lot of work. Most of your time, in the beginning, will be spent researching and designing strategic plans. If you concentrate on the important things, like building a place where people can purchase your art, grow your following, and reduce your costs, you will be very successful.


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Most artists waste a lot of time and money when they are first starting. The main reason is that they do not have a solid plan. It makes sense that they do not have a plan because they are new to the idea of running a business. How can someone have a successful strategy if they are in the learning stage?

The internet is a great place for people to find information about anything. The downside is that with all of the information that is being published every day, it is easy to become overwhelmed. If you do not know what you should be searching for, how can you find it?

I want to make the process of starting an art business as painless as I can for you. I have been involved in online sales since the early 2000’s. I had some business and marketing knowledge for a brick and mortar business, but running an online business was new to me. It was a learning process.

There are two ways to learn. You can learn by trying something new, or you can learn from someone else. Since online business was new in the early 2000’s, I did not have the information available to make better decisions. My primary form of learning was from trying an idea and failing. I want to provide you valuable information so you can make more productive decisions. Your first goal is to have a platform for people to see your artwork.


When you are building your online presence start with the basics. Learn everything about building a solid foundation for your business. Stay focused, patient and work hard towards your vision. You will reach your goals.


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