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Keywords 101 – Generate Traffic to Your Art Gallery

Are you struggling with your art gallery traffic? Having an understanding about keywords will help you optimize your site and posts to drive more free organic traffic to your site.

Keywords 101


Have you ever heard the term keywords?

A keyword is defined as a word or concept of great significance.

How does knowing what a keyword is, help you to sell art online?

Understanding keywords and how they are used will help you to understand how your target audience finds content. It will also help you to create content that will be of interest to them.

Do you need to know about keywords to sell art online?

If you would like your art to be found online, then the answer is yes. Just by understanding the basics and implementing some basic strategies you will be separating yourself from many artists that are selling art online.

I am not going to go into too much detail about Keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it can become very overwhelming. I want to share with you only what you will need to know so you can start to make a presence online. I do recommend for you to continue to learn as much as you can about business and marketing, but at first, you will only need to understand the basics to build a solid foundation.



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What are keywords?

Have you every gone to Google’s search bar and typed something like “Best Paint Brushes?” or “How to clean artist paint brushes?” or “Best place to purchase art supplies online?” What you type into Google’s search bar or any search engine are keywords or keyword phrases.

Keywords can be one word or a phrase consisting of several words. Whatever words are typed into a search bar is classified as a keyword or keyword phrase. Google will suggest the most relevant content based off of the keywords that are used in the search bar.

What do you need to know?

You will want to know your unique customer’s voice. The words and phrases that they use in the search bar will determine if your content is found or not found on the internet.

For example, if your content is focused on the keyword phrase, “horse painting” and the people that you are trying to reach, use the words, “horse paintings” your content will not be displayed in Google’s search.

Here is an example, the phrase “horse painting” was searched 4,927,390 times in July 2016, while the phrase “horse paintings” was only searched 3,656,980 times.

The difference between “painting” and “paintings,” is over a million searches.

Learning more about your target audience, and the vocabulary that they use will increase the chances of you being found online.

How can you find out what words people are using in Google’s search bar?

The best way is to listen. Find your target audience on social media networks and absorb how they communicate and the vocabulary that they use.

There some helpful tools that will tell you what is trending.

Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google. If you are interested in learning what is trending, give Google Trends a try. You will be able to find the volume a particular topic is receiving by typing in the keywords into the search.

You can also discover what is trending in a particular country and state, which will help you with your marketing plan.

Google Adwords is another free tool from Google that will help you find how your target audience is searching for content. You type in a keyword, and you will discover how many times that phrase was searched in a particular month.

Knowing who your target audience is, where to find them, and how to communicate with them will help you to build a strong business.


You have learned the importance of using the right keywords for your site and posts. Take some time with Google Trends and Google Adwords to find out what are the best keywords for you.

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