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Instagram Introduces Comment Control

Did you hear about the latest Instagram news? Instagram introduces comment control to help make Instagram a safe place.




Instagram Introduces Comment Control

Instagram is working hard to build a platform that will be enjoyable and safe for all.

On September 26, 2017, Kevin Systrom posted:

“Today, we’re announcing new tools and programs to keep Instagram a safe and positive place for self-expression. Since the beginning, we’ve tried to make Instagram a welcoming place for everyone. Our community has grown to 800 million, with 500 million using it every day. It’s more important than ever to strengthen our commitment to safety and kindness.”


Comment Controls

If you have a public account you will now be able to choose who can or can not comment on your posts. You will have the choice to block everyone from commenting or you can block people you follow or people who follow you.

This is in addition to the “filter to block certain offensive comments” that was launched in June.


How Can This Help Artists Marketing on Instagram

This new feature will help to protect both your audience and your brand.

You can now moderate what type of content your audience will be subjected to. You want to have a place where you can safely show your art where people are not subjected to negative or harmful comments by certain individuals.

It has taken you a long time to build your brand and an online presence, do not allow someone to destroy it on you. Use the new feature Instagram just released to protect you and your audience.


Instagram Art Marketing

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Instagram is a great way for you to share your artwork. Feel safe knowing that Instagram is doing everything they can to protect you and your audience from harmful content.

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