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Increase Blog Traffic With Great Titles

Do you spend quality time on your post titles? Do you put in as much effort on your titles as you do with the content of the post? Would you like to increase your blog traffic? If your goal is to increase blog traffic, the first place to look is at your titles.

You could spend an hour or two writing a thousand-word blog post, but if no one reads the post you wasted your time. You will not increase the chances of landing a sale from your online art gallery if no one reads your content. You can grow your following if no one can find you. You will not be building online awareness with weak titles.



Increase Blog Traffic With Great Titles

The importance of great titles for blog traffic is often not talked about.

You will hear the latest way to increase website traffic.

How to grow your blog post shares on social media.

How to increase engagement on your blog posts.

These tips would be great if someone would click on the title of your post to read it. Creating great content is important but what is the use if no one reads it?

While reading a post from Content Marketing Institute, Tracy Gold had me stop to think for a minute.

Was I putting in enough effort in my post titles? Would I be able to reach and help more artists live their dreams if I spent more time writing better titles?

This comment by Tracy had me thinking about my efforts.

For the Content Marketing Institute, we spend an average of 30 minutes per title in search of the absolute best wording.

I do put in lots of time writing for my art marketing business. I spend between two or three hours a day just writing. The time I put into the writing does not include posting, promoted, and research. That is a lot of time wasted if I can’t attract someone to read the posts.

The same goes for my commissioned graphite artist website. If my blogs do not attract readers, I will not be able to build my following. I will not be able to increase my sales.

How much time do you spend on your titles?


Tracy went on to say.

If you have SEO targets for your web presence, make sure you are using your blog post titles to help you reach those targets.

That is an excellent point. If you do not add keywords or key phrases that your audience is using to search for content, in your titles, your posts will never be found.

The first step is to find out what keywords your audience is using in to find content that relates to your business. I use Googles Keyword Planner to help me find the most searched keywords for the topic I am writing.

Tracey also touches on another key point that I think is often overlooked.

Position keywords near the beginning of your blog titles. This is a good SEO practice for both robots and humans. Let’s face it. We humans are too busy to read to the end of a long title to find the term we’re searching for (I know, it’s pathetic).

The keyword phrase that I am focusing on with this post is “increase blog traffic.” Everyone wants to increase blog traffic, so I knew that this would be a good keyword phrase to use. I wanted to talk about the importance of titles for increased blog post traffic.

The title of this post “Increase Bog Traffic With Great Titles” has the keyword phrase in the beginning and how to solve the problem is at the end.

When a reader is searching for information on how to increase blog traffic, they will notice this title. They will read the solution I am writing about and will decide if they need help in this area.


That brings me to this comment by Tracy.

No matter how sensational and marvelous your blog post titles are, if your content doesn’t live up to your title, say goodbye to returning visitors and conversions, and say hello to a high bounce rate and a bad reputation.


If you are not seeing the traffic that you are hoping for, stop and take a look at your titles. Read your title and see if you would click on them to read more.

Get to know your audience and learn how they are searching for content. The time that you spend on titles will significantly affect your traffic.

Are you spending enough on your titles?

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