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Use Internal Links To Increase Art Blog Traffic

Everyone wants more traffic. Unless you are on the road trying to get to work. I am talking about traffic to your art blog and website. Are you trying to find different ways to drive traffic to your blog? If you have had your blog running for a while, I think I know the answer. I am going share with you a very easy tip to help you increase art blog traffic.

Use Internal Links To Increase Art Blog Traffic


Why Should You Be Concerned About Traffic?

As an artist, you want to sell your artwork. We are very lucky to be artists in today’s world. We can have people around the world see our art. But, the only way people will see your art is if you guide them to it. The internet is very crowded, and you will need to help your potential collectors find you.

One of the many ways to increase organic traffic and rank higher in Google’s Page Rank is to provide quality content. One of the many ways that Google will decide your ranking is if people are staying on your site. If people are staying on your site, Google knows that your content is high quality, and people are enjoying what you are offering. Google will reward you by ranking your site higher.

When your blog is ranked higher in Google’s search the more people will find you. The more people that click on to your blog, the more views your artwork will receive. The more views your artwork receives, the more of a chance you will have receiving a sale.


Internal Links

Internal links are links that direct a reader to another page of your site. Providing internal links in your posts will benefit your reader and you. Your readers will be able to find more content that they are interested in, and your site will receive more page views helping you rank higher with Google.


How To Add An Internal Link On WordPress

Highlight a word or phrase that you would like to link.

Click the hyperlink button.

Copy and paste the URL that you would like to send your reader to.

Click apply.

It is that easy.

Now your reader will be able to enjoy more of your content.


Key Point:

Your main goal is to provide content that benefits your readers. When you are adding internal links, it is a good practice to add links that pertain to the article that they are reading.

Another great way to add internal links is to add them at the bottom of your post. You can use a heading such as you might also be interested in this….

It is not easy to increase art blog traffic. It is hard work. The work that you put into it will be rewarding. Increasing your art blog traffic will increase your art sales.

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