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How to Hide Pinterest Images in Blog Posts with Social Warfare

Do you have a Pinterest Business account? Would you like to create large Pinterest images that people can pin to their boards that do not take up space on your artist blog post? I have some great news. This can be done and in this post, I am going to show you how to hide Pinterest images in blog posts with Social Warfare.


How to Hide Pinterest Images

If you own a WordPress artist blog, you already know about all of the plugins that are available for your site.

Have you heard about Social Warfare yet?

Social Warfare is a social share plugin you might want to consider looking into.


One way for you to start building an online audience is by making it easy for your readers to share the content they enjoy to their favorite social media networks.

Social Warfare does just that with attractive mobile ready share buttons.

You can control what popular social share buttons you would like to display on your posts and pages.

A few of the options are:

• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Google+
• Twitter
• Reddit
• Tumblr

Social Warfare Features

Here is a list of some of the features that Social Warfare has to offer.

• They offer professional and attractive share buttons that inspire the reader to share.
• Social Warfare has the fastest loading social buttons available that will not slow your site down.
• You can customize your buttons to match your brand.
• Upload Pinterest specific images and description.
• Customize Tweets.
• Click to Tweet feature
• Twitter cards.
• Social proof
• Popular posts
• Responsive
• And much more.

For more information visit Social Warfare.

How to Hide Pinterest Images in Blog Posts with Social Warfare Step-by-Step

The dimensions for a Pinterest image should be 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. This will create the tall images that are displayed on Pinterest.

The problem with creating an image this size and uploading it on your blog post is that it will take up too much space.

Social Warfare has come up with a solution to this problem. It is known as “Hideable” Pinterest images.

Prior to Social Warfare, you would have to add an HTML code to an image to hide it from your post. Then when someone would pin the post the image would appear for them to choose the image for their Pinterest board.

Now all you have to do is create an image with those dimensions and add it to the field Social Warfare provides right in your post editor. You can even write a custom description for the pin.

Figuring out how to hide Pinterest images is a thing of the past.

To locate this field scroll down your post or page editor until you find Social Warfare Custom Options.

Here you will be able to upload optimized images for social media and Pinterest.

Scroll down to the Pinterest Image field that looks like the image below.

Click Add Media.

Upload the image you created from your PC.

The next step is to craft a customized description that will be used when the post is shared on Pinterest.

When you are finished publish your post.

Now whenever someone clicks the Pin button on your post, the image that you have created will be pinned to their Pinterest board with the description you have written.

Social Warfare has made it easy for you to increase your social shares and solved the problem many bloggers faced, how to hide Pinterest images.


Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest has helped me to build an online presence as well as increase my sales.

In three short months, I saw my blog traffic increase by 300% after I started marketing on Pinterest. My only regret is not starting a Pinterest business account sooner.

Here are some helpful Pinterest marketing strategy posts to help you get the most out of Pinterest Business account:


Selling art online is all about building brand awareness. You have to let people know that you are an artist and that you have art for sale. Pinterest makes it easy for you to showcase your art to people who are interested in making a purchase.

Now that you know how to hide Pinterest Images in blog posts with Social Warfare you will be ready to reach a new audience.

Check out the Social Warfare today.


Editable Monthly Social Media Tracking


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If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free.

Simply search for “Adobe Reader” and download the newest version.

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An art business is as strong as its goals and plans.

This planner will make easy for you to keep track of your social media strategies.

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