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Featured Artist of The Month Anita Dat

I am proud to present Featured Artist of the Month Anita Dat. You are not going to want to miss this! After you are done reading the interview go and visit Anita’s sites and enjoy her beautiful artwork!

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Featured Artist of The Month Anita Dat

This is Daisy our cat, I really like her expression here but took me a few tries to get it right.



Our dog Duke, I like the softness of his fur and eyes and how the reflecting sunlight creates this beautiful contrast.



I find this whole scene interesting, it tells a story, but what I love most here are the vintage colors.


This little one was sitting on our porch munching away on the bird seeds. Love all the wildlife we find in our backyard, from little chickadees to foxes or even sometimes coyotes.


Made some pictures of a friend’s horse and liked this one in particular so decided to draw him, it turned out to be one of my favorites.


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Hello Anita, I am so happy you could join me today. I am a big fan of your artwork and looking forward to learning more about your art journey and your artistic style.

Anita Dat – Hi Dave, I’m honored you invited me for this interview.

Dave Nevue –  Where are you from?

Anita Dat – I was born in Holland where I lived most of my life, lived a few years in Belgium as well. After that, we decided to leave Europe with the family and start a new chapter in Canada. We now live in a lovely small community in New Brunswick.

Dave NevueHow long have you been involved with art?

Anita Dat –  I’ve always been interested in art and loved drawing and painting as a child, but during my teenage years and adulthood it was pushed to the background. I still liked it but didn’t have much time for it. About 7 or 8 years ago I picked up drawing again and really got into it this time.

Dave NevueWhat inspired you to be an artist?

Anita Dat – I never aspired an artist career really. It more or less just happened. I always drew what I felt like and kept it all to myself, but then a friend asked if I could draw a pet portrait for her, so I did, she was so very happy with it, which made me feel pretty good about myself, so I did a few more for friends and family and even did a few commissions.

Dave NevueYou specialize in colored pencil art, have you always worked with colored pencils?

Anita Dat – When I picked up drawing again about seven years ago, I started out with graphite only, I had no idea what I could do with colored pencils. I found out some 3 to 4 years ago about all the possibilities and loved it right away.

Dave NevueWhat is your favorite colored pencil brand?

Anita Dat –  I have not yet tried all of the colored pencils that are out there, but up until now I’d say Polychromos from Faber-Castell, I love the fact they are oil based instead of wax based.

Dave NevueWhat surface do you draw on and what sizes are your drawings?

Anita Dat – Though I use all kinds of Bee Paper or Stonehenge and Canson, my favorite would be Strathmore Smooth Bristol.

The sizes vary, from 3×3 being the smallest to the biggest 16×16 and anything in between.

Dave NevueI can see that you have a strong heart for animals, what message would you like to share with your drawings?

Anita Dat – Not so much a message but rather a feeling I’m trying to get across. I have great respect and love for all animals, their beauty and innocence always hits my soft spot, time and time again. And I am of course crazy about my pets.

Dave NevueI love the colors and value changes you use, how did you learn that technique and style?

Anita Dat – Though being a self-taught artist at first, I did and still do learn a lot by watching artists on the internet, they inspire me to explore new things and get better at what I do.

Dave NevueWhat advice could you share with young artists trying to learn about the business side of being an artist?

Anita Dat – I have learned that depending on where you live it is not always easy to get what you want or need, so sometimes you have to look further and work harder to get there. But don’t let that get in your way, with the internet, the world is at your fingertips.

Dave NevueWhat advice could you share with young artists about following their dreams?

Anita Dat – Learn from others, do your research, create your own style. There are many artists out there so it’s not going to be easy to stand out, but as with all things in life, if you really want something, well… just go for it!

Thank you so much for joining me today Anita. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.


Visit Anita:

Anita Dat Art Twitter 

Anita Dat Art Facebook

Thank you again


“Art makes the world beautiful.”

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