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FAQ Posts Increase Art Sales

Are you having the same questions being asked about how to purchase your artwork? In this article discover how FAQ posts increase art sales and save you time answering the same questions over and over again.


FAQ Posts Increase Art Sales

How many times have you been ready to purchase an item online but you needed more information before you bought? If you did not find an FAQ section would you leave that site or contact the owner of the site to find the information that you needed.

Most people will not spend the time to communicate with the proprietor of the site. It has been shown that if a person has to click more than a couple of times to purchase an item, they will leave the site without buying the item they were viewing. You want to make it an easy shopping experience for your buyers. Providing an FAQ post is one way for you to provide a pleasant shopping experience that will encourage your audience to purchase.


Artwork Description

A well-written description of your artwork will help prevent some loss of sales. If you make it clear to the buyer what they will be receiving your chances of landing a sale will increase. Even with a well-written description of the item, the buyer still might have a few questions that will need to be addressed before they purchase.

The Description Should Include:


FAQ Posts

FAQ posts increase art sales because you are answering questions that the buyer might have before they decide on purchasing. Providing this valuable information creates a pleasant buying experience. You want to provide all the answers that the buyer might have while they are still in the purchasing frame of mind. It is only a matter of seconds before you could lose their interest.


There are several different ways that you can write your FAQ posts.

You can have one long post that will answer the common questions that your customers might have.

A great way for you to add to the list is by explaining issues that have already been addressed. If someone has contacted you with a question, it is a safe bet that someone else will have the same issue.

If your list is getting too long, you can separate the FAQ into sections.


For example:


FAQ Will Drive Traffic To Your Site

Another way FAQ posts increase art sales is that you will have more content that shows up in the search engines.

Quality content drives free traffic to your site. When someone searches for information on the internet, the search engines will list the most relevant articles. The more articles that you have, the better chance you have being found by people interested in your artwork.



FAQ posts increase art sales by providing a better shopping experience for your customers as well as drive traffic to your site. Spend the time needed to write your FAQs today. Update your FAQ posts regularly.

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