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How Contact Pages Increase Art Sales

How many times have you been on a site and you wanted to contact someone who could help you? Was it easy for you to find a way to contact someone? Was there ever a time that you did not find a way to contact someone? In this article discover how contact pages increase art sales.

I have been on many sites that I wanted to contact someone about a question that I needed help with. When there is no way for me to contact someone I start to feel that the site is not a trustworthy site and might be fraudulent. It does not mean that the site is fraudulent if there is no contact page but it does send up red flags.

There have also been many times that I have stumbled on some artist’s websites and wished to contact them. Unfortunately, they did not make it available for people to contact them. I was interested in learning more about them as an artist. However, potential buyers with questions might become discouraged and decide not to purchase from those sites.

How Contact Pages Increase Art Sales

There many layers that build a successful business. Many layers are easy to implement and should be crossed off the list before more marketing plans are performed. Create a strong foundation with the basics.


Makes a site look more professional –

Every professional website will have at least one way for a person to contact a customer service rep. Having a contact page on your blog and website will place your business on the same playing field as the big companies, and the good news is that it is free.


Makes your site more trustworthy –

A contact page tells people that the site is a legitimate site. Even if a buyer does not visit the contact page, they will feel more confident purchasing from that site. They will know that there will be a way to contact someone if something goes wrong with the purchase.


People have questions –

Art buyers have many questions that need to be answered before they will trust an artist and purchase their art. Once you have built their trust, you will gain a loyal collector of your artwork. Providing a contact page you will be able to engage with potential buyers, build their trust, and gain loyal collectors of your artwork.



Google likes contact pages. If you are looking to rank higher with your art blog and website, adding a contact page will help to increase your rankings in Google search.


WordPress Contact Plugins –

If you are familiar with WordPress you already know that there is a plugin for anything that you can dream of. These are just a few popular contact form plugins to get you started. I recommend looking at SumoMe first only because that is what I use and I am very happy with their product.



Contact pages increase art sales.

If you are serious about selling art online, make sure that your site has a contact page. There is no question that contact pages increase art sales.

Besides having a contact page you might want to consider having a phone number and address available for customers to contact you.

Artist Contact Page – What Is Necessary


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