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Why Art Websites Fail

Are you getting discouraged with the lack of sales your art website receives? Most artists start to think it is because people do not like their artwork. Most of the time that is not the case. The main reason there are few sales is that the art websites are not ranking high in Google search. In this article, I will share with you how to start generating traffic to your art website.

Why Art Websites Fail


I have seen many artists get discouraged with their artist website because they are not receiving any sales or traffic. They create beautiful artwork that many people would love to have in their home, but no one can find their site.

Why are they not selling any art on their art websites?

Why does their website not generate any traffic?


There are many factors why art websites fail:

High-Quality Images

The images you use for your online gallery should accurately represent your original artwork. Low quality or blurry images could affect your sales.

Sell More Are with High-Quality Images


Show Your Art Prices – 

Buyers will not know if your artwork is for sale if you do not have a price next to the image. Display the price and a way to purchase next to every piece of art.

Art Business Basics – Show Your Art Prices


Pricing Your Artwork –

Many artists struggle when it comes to pricing their artwork. The wrong price could be the difference between making a sale or landing no sales.

How To Price Your Artwork


Shipping Costs –

Your shipping costs could be the final reason a buyer purchase your art or leaves your site.

How Shipping Costs Affect Art Sales


Guaranteeing Your Art –

If you guarantee your artwork, you will build trust with your buyers. They will be more likely to purchase an item if they have nothing to lose.

Guarantee Your Artwork For More Sales


Art Quality –

The quality of your art is determined by your experience and the materials that you use for your craft. If you do price your work with this in mind you might jeopardize some sales.

How Art Quality Affects Sales


FAQ Posts – 

FAQ posts will not only help increase your art sales by answering customer questions, but they will also save you time answering the same questions over and over.

FAQ Post Increase Art Sales


Contact Page –

A contact page will make your site look more reputable to the buyer. Many sales are lost when a potential buyer needs a question answered and they have no way to contact anyone.

How Contact Pages Increase Art Sales


Let’s talk about why an artist blog fails if the above is all on target.

The simple answer is that no one can find their website in Google search. Many artist’s websites are lost in the crowd. The site fails because there is no traffic, not because of the quality or price of the art. There are things that you can do to drive more traffic to your website. The first step is to start blogging.


How Do Art Websites Generate Traffic?

The majority of the traffic generated by websites is by search engines. People search for content on the internet. The search engines provide a list of links filled with content that is relevant to the search words also known as keywords.

Keywords are the words that describe what your website is about.

For example, I am a graphite artist that specializes in commissioned pet drawings.

The keywords that I want to focus on for my website are:

If your website only contains images and no text your site will not rank high in the search results.


Because Google understands text not images. That is where many artists go wrong. They do not spend the time creating content that will drive traffic to their website.

The content that I write about has the keywords that I listed above. When someone is interested in purchasing a drawing of their dog, they might type in the search “artists that draw dogs” or “commission a dog drawing.”

The articles that I have written that have those keywords will rank higher in the search results, and I have a better chance of being found by the person interested in purchasing a pet drawing.


How do you start?

It is very easy to start blogging. All you need is a platform to host your content and a story to share.

Here are some articles to help you start your artist blog.

After you have your blog running and you have produced some content, visit Art Blog Resource for over 50 articles that will help you grow your audience.


Are You Struggling with Your Writing Skills?

If you are struggling with your writing, you might want to consider reading Ann Handley’s book Everybody Writes: Your Go – To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

When I first started writing posts and content for my art businesses, I struggled. Writing posts was never one of my strong points. I would sit in front of a blank screen for hours. I knew how important writing content was in order for me to grow my business but I had a difficult time writing even four hundred words.

I remember hearing someone recommending Ann’s book, so I decided to give it a try. Ann’s book has helped me in so many ways and was one of my best investments. Not only did she show me the best means to write for my audience but she also gave me the confidence I needed to write great content my audience would love.

I enjoyed the book so much I also purchased the audio book and periodically had it on while I am in the studio drawing. I will never claim to be a great writer, but Ann has helped me to get my points and views across to help my audience.


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