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How Art Quality Affects Sales

Are you overpricing or underpricing your artwork? In this article discover how art quality affects sales.

Original artwork is the unique voice of the artist. Every piece of art tells a story that the artist would like to share. It tells you the artist’s beliefs, character, feelings, philosophies, and hopes. When someone purchases an original piece of art, they are also buying a piece of the artist.


How Art Quality Affects Sales


There are two types of quality that I would like to go over with you and how they could affect your sales. I would like to talk about the quality of the artwork and the quality of the supplies used for the artwork.

The Quality Of Your Artwork

Who is the best painter?

Who is the best graphite artist?

Who is the best colored pencil artist?

If we ask five hundred people who their favorite artist is, we would end up with a wide range of names. Some of the artists we might be familiar with while other names would be new to us.

Why would we have a list of different artist names when the question was, “Who is the best Painter?”

I do not believe that one artist is better than another artist. I do not believe that one style of art is better than another style of art. I believe that everyone has a unique taste. If that was not true, every house would be that same color and the interior décor would be the same. Every song that we would listen to would be the same. Every movie would have the same story. Every story would have the same ending.

Visual art, music, and movies are judged by a person’s emotions. If a person connects with the message in a positive way the art, music, or movie will have a higher rating over a message that they do not believe in or understand.

So how is the quality of art judged?

The quality of art is judged by how it communicates to the buyer. If you are entering a competition, there will be other factors.

Let’s just talk about people purchasing art. A buyer needs to connect emotionally with a piece of art before they will invest in it. Your job as an artist is to be able to communicate your story to the buyer.

As artists’ perfects their craft, they will learn how to better communicate their message to their buyers through their art. Every great artist has spent many years learning their craft. Most artists believe that they will always be students.

That is one reason artists that have been selling for a longer period of time are able to charge more for their work. They have put in the hard work to learn how to tell their story through the style of art that they create.

As you learn, you will be able to start charging more for your work as well. Another reason that seasoned artists can charge more is because they have spent the time building their following.


How does the quality of your artwork affect your sales?

Instead of using the word quality, maybe I should be using the word experience.

In the beginning of your art career, you will need to price your artwork accordingly.

As you grow as an artist will see the difference in your artwork. You will notice how much you have grown in the past year by looking at old images of artwork that you have created.

Depending on how much you have learned and the following that you have built will determine if you can increase the price. If you feel that the quality of your art has increased, so should your prices.


Quality Of The Products Used

Art quality affects sales from the materials that are used to create the art as well as the experience of the artist.

If a painter painted a painting on a piece of cardboard versus canvas, the price should reflect the quality of the supplies.

The buyer should be paying for the artists time creating the artwork plus the cost of the supplies used. The artist could charge more for painting on canvas because it would last a lifetime as long as it was sealed properly.


Art Quality Affects Sales Conclusion:


The quality of your work and the supplies that you use will determine your pricing strategy.

One thing to keep in mind is that as you are enhancing your skill you must also build your audience. It does not matter how long you have been creating art if no one knows your name.


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