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Art Business Start-up Plan

Many people fail because they do not plan. Anyone can run a successful business if they have a vision, passion, motivation, and develop a strategic plan. Start your business on the right path with an art business start-up plan.

Art Business Start-up Blueprint

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There are three ways that you can sell your art online, own a website, use a third party platform or social media. I do not suggest using social media as a selling platform. I recommend using social media to build relations. Now there are only two options that you can go with, create a website with WordPress, or sell art on a third party platform.

To accomplish anything you need to have a vision and set goals. Without a vision or goals, there will be nothing to achieve. If you have a hard time setting goals I have a free course available, “How to Write Goals.” It is a short course that has step by step directions on how to set, write and assess goals.

There are two blueprints that I want to share with you for starting an art business. The first blueprint will be for people that do not have much knowledge working with WordPress. If you have some experience working with WordPress, you might want to jump directly to the second blueprint.



Art Business Start-up Blueprint (No WordPress experience)


Your priority will be to have a place online where people can purchase your artwork. If you want to get something started using something that is easy, I recommend starting a store with Etsy. The fees are lower than others that I have researched, and they have been around for over ten years.

Your other option would be to open a FASO art gallery. FASO is one of my favorite third party sites created just for artists. You can have an online gallery up in minutes with so many extra features. There is a monthly fee so if you are just starting out, and you would like to keep the costs down, Etsy might be a better decision at first.

After you have art for sale online, you will need to build an audience and drive traffic to your website. You do this by sharing your artistic journey by blogging. The definition of blogging is to write about an event, situation, topic, etc. in a blog. A blog is a regularly updated website or web page that is operated by an individual or a small group.

While you are building an audience with your blog, you will want to focus on building an email list.

The next step is to create a presence on social media platforms.

The last step will be to learn a much about marketing as you can. Become an expert on marketing.

Art Business Start-up Blueprint (experience with WordPress)

If you have experience working with WordPress, and you are going to create your art website now, you might also want to consider setting up an Etsy account to help you grow your audience quicker. Once your site is established you can decide at that point if continuing with Etsy is beneficial for your business.


Before you jump right into anything new sit down and develop a strategic plan. Follow the art business start-up blueprint that best fits you.

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