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Art Business Basics – Show Your Art Prices

Do you have an art website? Are you wondering why there are no sales coming in? Do you have your art prices listed next to your art?

Art Business Basics – Show Your Art Prices

There is one common mistake that I am seeing on artist’s websites that are preventing sales.  The artwork is beautiful, the colors of the website compliment the art, and there is a well-written story that connects you to the piece.

Everything sounds perfect so far, but what is the one thing missing?

There is no price displayed for the art and no link to purchase it.

If you would like to sell your art online, you will need to show your art prices.

Imagine going into a new store that opened in your town. You are excited to see the store for the first time because you have heard great reviews online.

You walk into the store where someone greeted you with a smile. The store is clean and well displayed. The products are beautiful.

You picked up the first thing that caught your eye, to find that there is no price on it. Not too concerned, you place it down and go to a beautiful porch set. It is a perfect size and will match the colors of your porch perfectly. You sit in one of the chairs and do not want to get up because it is so comfortable.

You immediately say to yourself, “This is exactly what I wanted.”

You start to look for the price of the set. You look on all of the chairs to find no price.

You look on the paperwork that is on the table. It has all of the details about the product but still no price.

The perfect porch set is starting to bring you frustration.

You are not ready to give up yet. You have been searching for something like this for years.

You start to walk around in search for someone to help you. The store is crowded with shoppers but no employees.

You walk up to the registers to find each line has about twenty people in it. Some people have nothing in their hands, while others only have brochures. You soon realize that the people are asking for prices for products that they are interested in.

With frustration, you walk out the doors forgetting about the perfect porch set you have always wanted.

This situation would be frustrating for anyone. If the store didn’t fix its mistakes quickly, they would soon be out of business.

What does this story tell us?

We have to make it easy for the customers to purchase art.


Enjoyable Shopping Experience

An enjoyable shopping experience will increase sales and increase the amount of returned customers.


How can you provide an enjoyable online shopping experience?



Go through the list above to see if there is anything that you can improve on.


First Step




 Having artwork is not a necessity. If someone purchases your work, it is because they feel connected to it, not because they need it to survive.

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