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7 Pinterest Strategies That Increased My Traffic

Would you like to increase traffic to your art blog so you can sell more art? In this post, I am going to outline 7 Pinterest strategies that increased my traffic. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your traffic grow.

Pinterest Strategies That Increased My Traffic

Selling art online is a great opportunity for artists to generate extra income or even make a career.

Here are some key areas you will want to become familiar with if you are interested in selling art online:

Focusing and learning more about these areas will help you to build a strong foundation for your online art business, however, if you can not generate traffic to your listings you will never land a sale.

No one can purchase your art if no one sees your art.

It does not matter if you have your art listed on Etsy, own website or have your art on a Third-Party website, you need to generate traffic to land a sale.

Being active on Pinterest is one way you can increase a lot of traffic to your art listings. In fact, Pinterest refers more traffic to my site than all social media sites combined including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are even times when I receive more traffic from Pinterest than I do by search engines.


7 Pinterest Strategies That Increased My Traffic

Here are 7 easy to implement strategies that will help you to boost your Pinterest Pins so you can generate more traffic to your art blog.


Target Audience

The first tip is basic but powerful. You want to know who your target audience is.

All of the content you write whether it is for social media, blog posts, art descriptions or even YouTube videos should target the people who are interested in your artistic style.

You want to know how they communicate so you can incorporate the keywords they use in the search bar. The content has to be interesting, motivating, and educational for them. If it isn’t they will never return to your site.

However, if you produce content they love not only will they return on a regular basis but they will also share your content with others.

In order for you to have people repin your blog posts, you have to write something that will inspire them to pin it to their boards. The more repins you receive the more people will start to notice you.

Here are some articles to help you identify and find your target audience.


Solve a Problem

This is one of the Pinterest strategies that increased my traffic by building trust over time.

People search online to find a solution to a struggle they have.

If you can create posts that will help your audience solve problems you have won.

Once you help someone, they will begin to trust you. After you have built their trust they will start to come back to you for advice on similar topics. You have built a loyal fan that will become part of your tribe. Your tribe is a group of people who help you get the word out about your artwork. They will share your name with their family, friends as well as share your content on their social media accounts like Pinterest.

Here are some ideas of what you could write about:

The more problems you start solving, the more ideas you will come up with. Before you know it, you will not have enough time to write about them all.

Here is an article about writing pillar content, Art Marketing Basics: Pillar Content Generates Traffic.


Make Your Posts Easy to Read

This is one of the Pinterest strategies that increased my traffic and has helped me to build a loyal following.

One easy way to build a following is to simply respect your readers time.

Most people do not read every word of a blog post.

Studies have shown that most people just skim through a post to find the solution they are searching for.

If you want to have people repin your posts, make your posts easy to read.

This can be done by using easy to understand words, short sentences, short paragraphs and a lot of white space.

Here is a more detailed post to help you with your writing, How to Create Blog Posts People will Read.


Optimize Your Pinterest Images

Pinterest is visual. If you do not catch someones attention with an image your content will never be read or repinned.

Take some time to create some beautiful Pinterest images that people would love to pin to their boards.

Here is an article to help you create Pinterest images that stand out 6 Easy Pinterest Image Tips That Drive Traffic.

Add Your Post Title on the Pin Image

Let the people know what your post is about by including an overlay of the post title on the image.

Keep in mind many people visit Pinterest on their mobile device so you have to keep the text large and easy to read.


Include the URL of the Post

Always add the URL of the post to the pin image and the description. This will be helpful just in case the link does not work from the pin. Make sure that the URL directs the reader to the post you are highlighting. There is nothing more frustrating than being directed to a homepage where you have to search for the article you were hoping to read.


Pin Description

The description of the pin is important for two reasons.

First, you will be letting the reader know what your article is about. This will spark interest and have the reader wanting more.

Second, it will help in the search results. Pinterest is a search engine and is indexed by Google. Including a keyword, rich description that describes what your post is about will help your Pins to rank higher in the search results.


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There are the 7 Pinterest Strategies That Increased My Traffic. I hope they help you to build your Pinterest engagement.

Pinterest is a great tool that could increase the amount of traffic your art blog receives.

It does take some time for you to see real results so be patient and stay consistent with your posting schedule.

Start implementing the strategies I outlined above and watch your blog traffic increase.


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