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Guarantee Your Artwork For More Sales

Do you have a guarantee policy for your artwork? In this article, I will discuss questions you should ask if you are going to guarantee your artwork.

Guarantee Your Artwork For More Sales


Online sales are increasing every year. People are feeling more comfortable shopping online than in previous years. Just take a look at Amazons record-breaking holiday season that they had in 2015.

I can remember starting my first online art business just a few years after EBay was born. People were skeptical purchasing online for a few different reasons.

One reason is that they did not feel comfortable sharing their credit card number online. PayPal and other businesses like PayPal have made it very secure to purchase online.

The second reason is that people wanted to see the product with their eyes before buying. After all, that is how we grew up shopping. We would go to a store, see something that caught our eye. Hold the item, and then decide if we wanted to purchase it.

Today more and more people are feeling comfortable shopping online.


How can you make a customer feel secure purchasing from you?

A simple solution is to guarantee your artwork. Make it a risk-free purchase for the buyer.

Purchasing art is different than buying most items. If you buy a book online, you know what you will get. You will get a book. You have purchased books before, and you have held books. If the description says that the book has 350 pages, you know exactly what you will receive. You will receive a book that has 350 pages. There will be no surprises.

Art is different. There are colors, values, and textures that cannot be captured in a photograph. Hopefully, the image of your artwork will represent your original piece, but it still will be a little different in person.

Most people understand that an image will be slightly different than seeing the artwork in person. If you guarantee your artwork, you will reduce the chance of losing a sale because a buyer is uncertain that they will like the artwork when they have it in their hands.


What to think about if you are planning on guaranteeing your work.


Having a clear vision of your guarantee plan, you will be able to address any questions that might arise. You might even want to consider writing an FAQ section for your guarantee policy.


People buy art from artists because they are attracted to the art and they trust the artists. Having a guarantee policy will build trust with your buyers.


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