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15 Places to Sell Art Online and Make Money

There is more art being sold online than ever before. Within the past fifteen years, I have seen so many businesses take advantage of this trend and create websites that will help artists showcase and sell their art online. Deciding what site an artist should use can feel overwhelming at first. In the beginning, you might not even know where to start. In this post, I have outlined 15 places to sell art online. These sites are popular among artists and photographers but are in no way the only ones that are available. They will be a good start for you to learn what options are available to you.


Places to Sell Art Online

Before I share with you the list of 15 places to sell art online, I want to point out the importance of promoting your art.

It does not matter what platform you are using to sell art online. If you are not going to spend the time to promote your listings you will not land a sale unless it is from someone you know.

So if you are hoping to sell your art online you must take the first step, find a place to showcase your art, and have an option for your potential buyers to make a purchase.

After you have some listings up, you will want to start promoting them. You have to focus on driving traffic to your listings.

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15 Places to Sell Art Online – How to Get Started

First, you will want to become familiar with the 15 sites I have listed. Write down what sites that interest you and might work well for your artistic style.

After taking notes, start to visit each site that you are interested in.

Read all of the terms and conditions as well as how much commission you will be making.

Write a detailed list of each site you visit.

The notes that you take will help you to make a better decision on what site will work best for you.

The sites that I am highlighting in this post manly focus on selling original art, however, some sites also provide a Print on Demand service that will allow you to sell prints of your art.


15 Places to Sell Art Online


  1. Abstract Art Gallery –  If you are an abstract artist, this will be a site that you will want to take a look into. It is free to register and you will get a profile and portfolio page. You will receive 80% of the purchase price and you will be responsible for shipping the item to the buyer.
  2. Aftcra – Aftcra is similar to Etsy but focuses on American handmade art and crafts. Setting up a storefront is free and products will be live for up to six months. You will pay Aftcra 7% on all sales. This is a very reasonable rate for artists in the U.S.
  3. ArtBoost – Art Boost is an online art gallery that is different from most sites available by allowing personal contact between customers and artists. Sales are secure through PayPal. Art Boost takes 15% of the sale price. Art Boost is both a sales outlet and an online art portfolio.
  4. ArtFinder – Art Finder is a site that showcases original art, prints, and photography. They have a large community of over 500,000 art collectors and growing. Build a store for free with performance stats and insights free to help make better marketing decisions. Artists pay 30% on artwork sales. This is a juried site.
  5. – is an online art gallery and Print on Demand platform for artists. makes 25% commission on original art sales. Artists have the option to sell prints of their work using’s print on demand services and determine the markup on the products.
  6. Artspring – Artspring allows professional artists to build an artist website that includes marketing tools, newsletters and an inventory database.
  7. eBay – eBay is a place where you can auction or sell your art at a flat rate as well as anything else you might want to sell online. eBay is how I was first introduced to selling my art online over fifteen years ago and they are still a very popular site for people to shop. Artists with a specific niche have done very well on eBay. Transaction and listing fees apply.
  8. Etsy –  Etsy was a site created for artists to sell their original art to people around the world. Etsy has a large community that supports and helps an artist to learn how to sell their art. Transaction and listing fees apply.
  9. FineArtAmerica – Fine Art America started as a Print on Demand site that specialized in high-quality art prints. They now allow artists to sell original art online as well as selling prints on merchandise like mugs, iPhone cases and more.
  10. GalleryToday – Gallery Today is a juried site that connects buyers with artists to sell original signed art internationally. They go above and beyond guaranteeing every painting will arrive in perfect condition. Artists receive 70% of the sale.
  11. GlobalArtExchange – Global Art Exchange allows an artist to list and sell original art online. Listings are free and artists will receive 80% of the sale.
  12. HandmadeArtists – Handmade Artist is a site that has a very active community and allows artists to sell their art or crafts online. They provide a shopping cart and a low monthly fee of $5.00. No commissions are taken from the sale.
  13. HarnGallery – Harn Gallery is a curated marketplace that allows artists to sell affordable original art. Their platform makes it easy to upload images and the artist receives 80% of the sale. Artists are responsible for shipping the item.
  14. MyStudioAssistant – My Studio Assistant is a website provider that helps artists to build a professional e-commerce artist website.
  15. SaatchiArt – SaatchiArt is a popular site for artists that allows artists to sell their original art as well as prints.

After You Pick a Site

Once you have decided on what site you would like to use, you will need to learn how to upload your images. Most sites make it very easy for artists to upload digital images of their art, just make sure that you read the image size requirements before you upload any items. Keep in mind that the quality of your images will greatly affect your sales.

After you have your listings up and ready for purchase you will need to promote, promote and promote some more. This is when the work begins.

The site that you have chosen offers a platform for you to create a landing page for your art. It is your responsibility to market your art and let people know your art is available for purchase.

Artist Blogs are one of the best ways to generate traffic to your artwork as well as build trust with your audience. If you want to sell fine art online you will have to be seen as an authority in your niche.

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If you are new to art marketing you will want to visit Sell Art Online Startup Plan. Here you will find detailed information on five areas that you will want to focus on to help build your online art business.


Should You Build an Artist Website

Before you have an artist website built for you or you build a site with WordPress, you should take some time learning about digital marketing. I think that you will benefit more from spending time learning how to build brand awareness and an online presence than you would by spending time learning how to build a website.

The sites listed above make it easy for you to have your art available for purchase in minutes.

After you have built a following and you are familiar with online marketing, you will want to strongly consider building an artist website that you own.

I use and recommend WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and a large community that helps and support others. YouTube also provides How-To videos for building WordPress sites.

If you want to know what the best-selling art online best sites are, they are the sites that are owned by the artist. When you own a site, you are not limited to the features that third-party sites offer. You will be able to brand your site exactly the way you envision.

Don’t get me wrong. The list of places to sell art online is a good starting point and you will learn valuable information about how to upload images, generate traffic to the listings, how to write art descriptions and so on. It will only take a few months to understand the basics of online marketing, but when you feel comfortable you will be ready to own your own site.

During that time, spend a few minutes every week looking at other artist websites so you can get an idea of how you would like to brand your site. You can start to find artists by doing a Google search for “selling fine art online best sites”.


Sell Your Art Online Free

I am often asked how to sell art online free.

I am sorry to say that everything comes at a cost.

Selling prints with POD services might have no upfront costs but the profit margins are small.

Selling original art on third-party site might not have a membership fee but you will have to pay a percent of your sales.

WordPress might be free but you will have to purchase hosting and a domain name.

There is some good news.

Promoting your art can be free. The only cost will your time.

Promote your art by writing blog posts, share your art and blog posts on social media networks, and pin your art and blog posts on Pinterest.

Building brand awareness is how you will sell more art and building brand awareness is free.

Art That Sells Best

The one question most of us artists have asked during our journey is, “What art sells the best?”

I can still remember asking myself the same question.

I wanted nothing more than to be able to sell my artwork and be able to make a living from my art.

I thought that if I created art that “sells the best” I would be able to reach my dreams.

I was naive at that point of my journey.

It was not until I realized that I had to learn my unique artistic style and that there are people who are interested in my creations.

My art would only sell if I could find and share my art with my target audience.

I have now owned my art business for over 15 years.

You can live the same dream. Instead of worrying about what art sells best or if your art is good enough, put your energy into finding the people who would love to have your artwork hanging in their home.

They are out there, no go and find them.

Visit Art That Sells – What Artists Need to Know for more on this topic.




It is a very exciting time for you. You are at the point where you are interested in selling your art to people around the world.

At first, starting might seem overwhelming and out of reach, but like anything, once you get your feet wet you will soon realize it is not that difficult.

Take it one step at a time and before you know it you will be looking back saying, “I can’t believe I am selling my art to people around the world.”

Now that you have a list of 15 places to sell art online, where are you going to start selling your artwork?

Share your website in the comment section below.


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